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Ed​ucational Improvement Tax Credit (Faith Builders)

The Educational Improvement Tax Credit allows small businesses to redirect their tax dollars  to support local ministries. By giving in this way you are able to build good will in the community, increase community exposure, and help families attend Meadowview.  A gift of $10,000 will only cost you $700.  Watch this slideshow to learn how. 

Raise Right Gift Cards​ (formerly known as Scrip)
Purchasing gift cards through our Scrip program allows our school to earn a small percentage of each card sold. If you are a parent, 2% of cards sold will also be taken off of your tuition bill. Check out this link or stop in the school to purchase cards for your monthly purchases. 
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Planned Giving

We would love to talk to you about planned giving or monthly monetary contributions to Meadowview Christian School, if God is leading you in that way. This school belongs to God and we want to be good stewards, and honor what He has entrusted us with. 

Children's Tuition Fund

Open the PDF below to learn about the CTF for Pennsylvania and how you can direct your PA state taxes to Meadowview Christian Academy!


Ariane Hoffman

Development Coordinator​

216 Tulip Road
Paxinos, PA 17860

570-644-1572 (fax)

Check out our new wishlist for school and classroom needs! 
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