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We strive to honor God by providing a Bible-based education to the students we have been entrusted with by supporting them in their walk with Jesus Christ by partnering with their parents. Through community awareness and character development, we hope to develop Christian leaders that will change this world one person at a time. 



Guiding Principles

  • Bible-Based Education:  We believe that the Bible is the source of all truth and incorporate it throughout our curriculum.

  • Community Awareness: We practice giving back to the community by volunteering and extending grace to others based upon the teachings of Christ.

  • Character Development: We assist students in identifying and developing their God-given gifts and talents for the glory of God.

  • Leadership Development:  We equip students with the skills to stand out and make an impact in their local communities and in this ever-changing world.  

  • Faith in Jesus Christ:  We disciple students toward a genuine, unshakable, and mature faith in Jesus Christ.



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